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Building the new Academy

When PAAV/Q-SET discontinued the Diploma we decided that we would move the Academy to a much more accessible place for our students.  So to that end we packed up the Academy and moved it into storage, so that we can re-open again better than ever in Mt Eden in 2018.    In the meantime we need to know what you would like to learn, we have an unparalleled resource of tutors who can impart their skills directly to you, learn from the best! The time for re-opening is moving ever closer, the building looks as though it will be ready by Easter and we are looking at starting Apparel Creation in the 2nd semester of this year (July).


As we have some time to plan our courses please let us know your interests. If you have another fashion interest that we haven't listed let us know in the comments box. We would love to hear from you so we can make the best courses available for you.

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