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Where fashion careers begin

Unleash your creativity

I had an interview with a young woman this morning who is successful in her own right, has a degree and is working in an interesting and challenging company, but needs to be creative.  She loves fashion and wants to create fashion, her own fashion and as we have part-time courses she can still work while also working on her diploma.  This is one of the benefits of our system.  Only 2 days per week, and you too can have a Diploma in Apparel Production, or if you need to do evening classes then 1 night a week and 20 Saturdays per year over 2 years will lead to the same Diploma.

If you are passionate about fashion, then this is your course. Where Fashion Careers Begin is our mission statement, so learn your craft from the beginning and add this Diploma to your other skills and education, who knows it could be the start of a whole new life.