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Building Blocks of Fashion

Developed specifically for the Academy this system will give you the ability to draft blocks for most sizes.  When you have a block that fits you you can either go onto our Beginning Patternmaking where we take you through a structured course to help you look at design lines, or use the blocks to help you make alterations to your favourite commercial patterns. read more



Beginning Patternmaking

If you are a competent sewer and have wanted to make patterns that fit,  then this is the course for you.  Hands on, you draft a pattern, then spend a week making up your block in calico and bringing it back the academy for your next lesson in altering it to fit. Learn from other body shapes in the class how to make patterns for anyone.  You will learn to decipher design lines, from then on your creativity will know no bounds. read more


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Advanced Patternmaking

If you have done our Patternmaking course or any other patternmaking course the following 8 weeks provides you with a much greater knowledge of dart transfer and design lines.  If you feel you would like to learn more and more about this fascinating subject – read more