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Distance Patternmaking Special Offer

Learn to Pattern Draft by Distance (1)Learning patternmaking by distance, is it possible?

Yes it is!

For only $50 the tutors at the  Academy have put together 2 modules where you can learn how to draft either a skirt or a pair of trousers.  Or purchase both and have your lower half beautifully clad.

What if you could make a skirt or a pair of pants that will fit you!

If you sew and have put garments together, then both of these Academy courses will suit you.

In the comfort of your own home learn how to:-

  • make a skirt to fit your waist and hips, with all the instructions necessary to draft a professional pattern.
  • make a pair of pants to fit your waist and hips, with all the instructions necessary to draft a professional pattern.
  • Note:  Your learning will all be done in a standard size.  Instructions on fit for your size are included.

Take advantage of the $50 offer and have 12 months to complete the course.

Enrol now (see below) for either a skirt $50, or pants $50 or combined for $90.  We recommend you start with the skirt as this will give you a good result quickly and lead onto the pants, however it is totally up to you how you proceed.

You will receive by email:-

  • Detailed instructions on making a block to your size
  • Adaptations to start patternmaking
  • Extended notes on making a toile
  • A list of Tools and Equipment
  • Explanation of Terms and Techniques

Send in your work to receive:- 

  • Feedback on your work
  • Certificate of Completion

our course/s will be emailed to you so you can start pattern drafting right away.  You will however need a few patternmaking items.

At the very minimum you will need

  • 1 x French Curve – a Sew Easy French Curve in mm
  • 1 x 1m Ruler – or at least 60cm
  • 1 x Ruler clear plastic showing mm’s and clearly delineating 1cm from the ruler line – helpful for putting on cutting allowances.
  • tracing wheel – to transfer working pattern to your block, and mark darts etc.
  • Newsprint or large paper 80cm wide is acceptable. The smaller the paper the more tape you will use.
  • Sellotape or Scotch tape
  • Pens and pencils

Patternmaking Kit from the Academy contains

1 x Mechanical Pencil 1 x Eraser 1 x Scotch Magic Tape 1 x Pencil Case 1 x Set Square 1 x Tracing Wheel 1 x French Curve  1 x Paper Scissors

You can either order a kit from the Academy or from the specialist supplier in your home town (the course content has images to make sure you get the right tools). Paper needs to be at least 80cm wide for ease of use.

Enrol and pay by Internet Banking

BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS: Kiwi Bank Account number: 389003 0707758 00 NZ Academy of Fashion. Please deposit $50 to begin your course, if ordering both courses please deposit $90. Please use your name and SP PM as a reference. A receipt will be sent by email.
If required please add this amount to your deposit