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Intro Patternmaking 2020

Intro Patternmaking 2020

Morning, Evenings or Saturdays, the Pattern making course is designed so you can make custom made garments that fit you.  You will learn to patterndraft in a standard size 10. We use full size pattern drafting so you understand the scale. The results will astound you, using our own specifically designed template for bodice blocks, and course materials based on years of experience. This course is designed to teach you the foundations of Patternmaking. We supply most of the materials you will need for this course see the tab below for the full list of supplies.


Free Demo’s for Introductory Patternmaking, come along and ask questions, find out how you can make your own fitted bodice block!

There are 6 Wednesday evenings to choose from and 2 Saturdays.   Register Here

You will learn the skills required by creating blocks and through tutor guided adaptions.

  • Basic Skirt Block – a number of adaptations to extend your imagination.
  • Basic Trouser Block – 3 adaptations.
  • Basic Knit Bodice Block – adaptations for ‘T’s
  • Fitted Bodice Block – adaptations for fitted tops and the dress block.

Maximum class size is 6 – 8 students, however the class will go ahead if we have a minimum 3 students. This will mean that the course may finish a few weeks earlier depending on the number of students in the class.

Morning Classes  9 weeks 9.30am – 1.30 pm on Thursdays.

     Intake 2 – 13 Aug 2020

Evening Classes 12 weeks 6.30pm – 9.30pm,  on Tuesdays or Mondays.

   Intake 2 – 27 July 2020

Saturday Classes 8  non consecutive weeks 9.30am – 2.30pm.

   Intake 2 – 25 July 2020

  • See a complete list of dates in the Dates Tab
  • When you complete the course you will receive a Certificate in Apparel Creation – Patternmaking – Level 3

We have an interest free installment plan – see enrolment for details


Supplied with course

  • NZAF Specialised Bodice Template and course workbooks supplied with course fee
  • 1 x length of Fabric Felt 1/2 metre for tracing off patterns and protecting table tops
  • 1 x sellotape
  • 1 x tape measure
  • 1 x Set Square
  • 1 x Tracing Wheel
  • 1 x Awl
  • 1 x French Curve
  • 4 x Coloured Felt Pens
  • 1 x Mechanical Pencil 2B
  • 1 x Paper Scissor
  • 1 x Eraser
  • Supplies case
  • Felt
Tuesday Monday
Intake 1 Intake 2
18/02/2020 27/07/2020
25/02/2020 3/08/2020
3/03/2020 10/08/2020
10/03/2020 17/08/2020
17/03/2020 20/07/2020
24/03/2020 24/08/2020
31/03/2020 31/08/2020
7/04/2020 7/09/2020
28/04/2020 14/9/2020
5/05/2020 21/9/2020
12/05/2020 28/9/2020
19/05/2020 5/10/2020


Intake 1 Intake 2
5/03/2020 13/08/2020
12/03/2020 20/08/2020
19/03/2020 27/08/2020
26/03/2020 3/09/2020
2/04/2020 10/09/2020
7/05/2020 17/09/2020
14/05/2020 24/09/2020
21/05/2020 15/10/2020
28/05/2020 22/10/2020


Intake 1 Intake 2
22/02/2020 25/07/2020
7/03/2020 8/08/2020
21/03/2020 22/08/2020
4/04/2020 5/09/2020
2/05/2020 19/09/2020
16/05/2020 03/10/2020
30/05/2020 17/10/2020
13/06/2020 31/10/2020

The inaugural students in the new Academy to receive their Certificates for Introductory Patternmaking from Sunita our Principal.  Congratulations to all the class.

“I recently completed the Saturday Intro to Patternmaking course and can’t recommend it highly enough. I was really impressed on how straightforward and easy to understand the techniques in the NZAF course. Sunita, gave clear and concise instruction in every step of each block and made sure that everything was understood completely. Dart transference, which had always been a bit of an enigma to me, is now very clear. In addition, the pattern drafting tools that were supplied in the course kit were incredibly easy to navigate. Sunita also has an amazing wealth of knowledge, due to her background in fashion design, which she doesn’t hesitate to impart to her students in order to make the process even clearer. I can’t wait to put into practice the techniques I learnt so I can start drafting my own wardrobe. I really do highly recommend this course for anyone who has an interest in pattern making and dressmaking. You won’t regret it!” – Jenny Thompson

“What I liked most about this course was gaining an understanding of the basic constructs of a pattern, I felt the biggest benefits of taking this course were knowledge, understanding and confidence.  I would recommend this course to my friends and would like to do the more advanced course next. -Kay Mansfield
“Can’t wait to start designing my own clothes!” Nadine Burgess

 “Awesome course. Highly recommended to anyone who is a sewer. Far exceeded any expectations I had of this course.” Elva Prier  

We have an interest free installment plan – see enrolment for details

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