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Lily Ferguson – Day Diploma

Lily Ferguson – Day Diploma

I have been coming to the Academy for 7 years. l started as a teen and I have now almost completed the Diploma.  I took the Diploma because I wanted the knowledge of garment construction to help me with costume design.

The pattern making is brilliant, we are able to work on our own, and figure out what we want to do, with input from the tutor.  Learning how to make a basic block for any woman/man’s measurements is also a must for costume design.  No one is the same shape or size. The course is scheduled well and it follows through between pattern making and garment construction and the tutors have a great relationship.  Would I recommend the Diploma? Yes!! 🙂  There is a high probability  I will be coming back next year to do the advanced classes, after all it is the beginning of my career and its always easier to study when you are in the mode. – Lily Ferguson Diploma

Lily Ferguson - Day Diploma