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Draping Workshop

The Art of Fashion Draping – as seen on Project Runway

Led by Misty Lang

I so enjoyed the freedom of being creative – Sowmya
  • Draping is considered an important skill for up-and-coming designers because it teaches the art of putting a piece of clothing together on a dress form even before creating a sketch.2-2014-08-12 11.24.57
  • The art of draping teaches a designer how darts and seams give a garment shape and a perfect fit.
  • By experimenting with draping you will have more options open to you than if you would by merely sketching the look, as you can play with different darts and draping to see how it looks on the Mannequin.
  • The art of draping is often used in high fashion and couture: Because high-fashion pieces are expensive to create — and often one of a kind — it makes sense for designers to use draping to get the design right the first time.
  • Using a dress form to design evening wear offers the opportunity to make unique dresses that fall and drape in a variety of ways, so it’s important to perfect the look and fit on a dress form before putting together the final pattern.

Day 1: The basics:-

  • manipulate darts in different positions and examples of how to adapt the basic blocks to your own creative designs.
  • transfer your draped-fabric pattern onto paper and adjust the pattern to your size.
  • discuss bias draping techniques
  • discussion on fabric choice
  • advice on completing garments

Day 2: Creative draping:-

  • Misty will demonstrate a draped pencil skirt with pleating in a knit fabric and a draped jacket in woven or knit (chiffon/knit)
  • the student will practice draping with pleating, gathers, twists, tucks to create original designs or recreate amazing vintage designs
  • Brief discussion on:-
      • the history of draping,
      • the use of draping today,
      • iconic draped designs and famous designers.

Visit Misty Lang’s pinterest board on Draping for inspiration and examples of creative draping techniques.

There are mannequins to use in the lessons. The course fee of $250 includes some materials ie., notes and fabric used during the course. You will need to bring your own scissors, tape measures, rulers etc.

The course will be offered on:

Wednesday –    9.30 am – 2.30pm Dates         17th August 2016 and 24th August 2016

We only accept 8 students per class.

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