I started straight from school and found the people at the Academy comfortable to work with and we had heaps of teacher one on one time. I got more from the course than I expected, I feel now I can do everything. During the course (now Apparel Creation) I couldn’t wait to get back to my days at the Academy and find out about the next thing I was going to learn, I never missed a days class. Learning with the Patternmaking tool made everything easier and faster to learn than metric patternmaking, and it makes more sense when you actually get to play with it to create your designs. I would recommend the Academy to anyone, I have friends who tell me that in other courses they seem to be training them to work in a factory, with a lot of pressure and intimidation, whereas I am still really excited about what I am learning. It helps that the course is only 2 days per week which gives me time to work and I have paid off my course during the year, so no debt! I am using what I learn as I work part time at a recycle boutique and the staff refer to me about customers questions, alterations etc.