I really like the small class! When I needed any attention or help, it was all there for me to learn as much as I could. I liked it how it was in the evening as I have a job during the day. I was so excited about Monday, and I think that says it all! I took the pattern making course so I was expecting to learn how to make basic patterns. I had a bit of experience so I was very excited to learn something new. I was learning way more than I thought I was going to. It was serious and intense at times, and I loved it as it was not one of those casual hobby type of class. ( Don’t get me wrong, it was not scary at all and I didn’t feel pressured, I had a lot of fun ? ) I was able to question, ask and understand the whole process of basic pattern making. The pattern making template is a best magical tool you could ever ask to have. For anyone who is interested in pattern making, you won’t regret it!