I am now a fashion buyer promoted while I was taking the Diploma (now Apparel Creation). I went into the industry with no technical knowledge, one of the buyers suggested I needed a patternmaking course to advance in my career and while I was interested in the Introductory patternmaking as it was at that time, it made more sense to take the whole Diploma course and get a more rounded aspect of apparel production. Taking an evening course worked well, I didn’t have the time to go back to uni as I was already in full time work, and I could combine both work and study. Making a 2 year committment was a bit of a step but it seemed to work well. One of the benefits of the course is being able to explain to garment techs in fit meetings what I want, previously this had to be done visually now I have the skills to be able to communicate with them. I would recommend this course as a quick intro into a fashion career, but this is just the beginning the industry is so rewarding and there is so much more to learn. 2 Year Evening Diploma

Lisa Stallard