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Distance Patternmaking

Distance Patternmaking

 Uncover your skills with our Distance Patternmaking.

This patternmaking course is designed to reach you wherever you are and uncover your inner creativity and give you step-by-step skills to draft and make unique garments in your own home. We will assess and critique your patterns and return them to you with personalised feedback and explanations.  This feedback is unique to NZ Academy of Fashion, we understand you need to actually learn to make the patterns to understand the creative process.  This course covers Skirts, Pants and the Fitted Bodice Block, all of which are available as separate modules, the full course follows these modules in the stated order as this progression builds your skills.

Below are a selection of the many adaptations from our manual to assist you in understanding patternmaking.

  • Ours is a unique system making learning at home by correspondence as if easy as if you had a tutor 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  • Full notes and prompt marking by qualified tutors.
  • Structured learning projects and follow-up support.
  •  NZ Academy of Fashion’s  learning system which has removed the classroom walls.
  • The distance learning course in Patternmaking will take about 12-24 months to complete, depending on how much time you have to commit to the course.
  • We will supply telephonic and email support during the course.
Most sizing standards in the industry are based on bust measurement which is unreliable, as it is the chest measurement is what characterises the built of the torso .
The patterns made with our template have a more accurate fit as the chest bust difference is taken into consideration and thus the variations in the bust measurements are accommodated .
Accreditation: You will receive a Certificate of Completion Pattern drafting Level 3 from NZ Academy of Fashion
FEE for the complete course is:  $2700.00 Instalment plan available on request.  If required and pre-arranged, lessons on campus are available for a  fee.
Using our new patternmaking system and template you will  create blocks and extensive adaptations for:-

  • skirt
  • pants
  • sleeve
  • t’shirt
  • fitted bodice

Combining adaptations will allow your imagination to soar.

Course materials will include: 

  • 1 x Patternmaking manuals
  • 1 x Unique Patternmaking Template

 You will need to supply: – Fabric, sewing notions  and pattern making equipment as required to complete your projects.

At the very minimum you will need

  • 1 x French Curve – a Sew Easy French Curve in mm
  • 1 x 1m Ruler – or at least 60cm
  • 1 x Ruler clear plastic showing mm’s and clearly delineating 1cm from the ruler line – helpful for putting on cutting allowances.
  • tracing wheel – to transfer working pattern to your block, and mark darts etc.
  • Newsprint or large paper 80cm wide is acceptable. The smaller width of paper the more tape you will use.
  • Sellotape or Scotch tape
  • Pens and pencils

We also have a patternmaking kit which we recommend as our system uses these tools the Kit contains

1 x Mechanical Pencil, 1 x Eraser, 1 x Scotch Magic Tape, 1 x Pencil Case, 1 x Set Square, 1 x Tracing Wheel, 1 x Sew Easy French Curve, 1 x Paper Scissors, 1 x Tape Measure, 4 x coloured felt pens

You can either order a kit from the Academy or from the specialist supplier in your home town.

Whats it like to study by distance

Distance learning offers more choice and more control over what, how, when and where you learn. It also:

  • Uses quality course materials to present information
  • Is more flexible than campus-based education
  • Offers easily accessible support.

Open means you can study when and where it suits you – at home, during breaks at work, on the bus or train, or while you’re waiting for the children to finish their sports or music lesson. It also means you have flexibility with your timetable – you do your own planning to fit your study around the rest of your life, and you can study part-time or full-time. Distance means you don’t need to come to classes or attend tutorials or lectures.  We send the learning material to you and you work through it, then send your work back to us for marking and feedback. Studying through distance learning can be an inspiring, challenging and rewarding experience. As a student, you’ll need to apply yourself and put in the time and effort. You will need a high level of personal discipline and the ability to plan your time carefully. As a reward, you will get an unforgettable learning experience and thoroughly enjoy yourself in the process. You’ll gain new skills and knowledge, all without having to disrupt your life too much. Of course, you will have our support every step of the way.