In your own home!


Confidence to tackle any dressmaking project, it is now possible to learn all the sewing skills you will need with our distance dressmaking course by correspondence.

No previous experience is necessary. No matter where you live, you can begin your journey into sewing your own garments, a complete set of visual instructions on DVD will guide you through this dressmaking correspondence course in the comfort of your own home.

There are a total of 61 sewing techniques on the the easiest-to-use sewing reference DVD’s available. Every sewing technique is demonstrated from start to finish with close-up filming.

You will provide to the Academy 32 in depth samples for marking and feedback.

You can start this course any day, no need to wait for the class to start!


  • Ideal for beginners through to advanced sewers – from pattern selection to professional sewing techniques.
  • Step by step, techniques including collars, plackets, facings, sleeves, zips etc., and lessons on pattern buying, layout, cutting, marking, interfacing and pressing.
    Up to date techniques on a 5 x DVD set, with close up step by step filming. A visual reference library of 61 essential sewing techniques plus 6 fundamental sewing lessons.
  • The technical reference set is an authoritative source of tried and tested sewing techniques that will help you achieve a professional and accurate result every time. Course Outline.
The Process

Once you receive your course work we ask you to send in the first 4 - 5 samples for assessment and feedback; this continues for all 32 samples and then based on the techniques you have learned we will ask you to construct 3 garments from commercial patterns.  We esitmate this will take around 5 months, although we continue to offer feedback and assessment for 12 months.


You may pay by credit card in full with a 5% discount, or by invoice on an installment plan.  A $600 deposit with a monthly payment of $116.50 over 6 months.


Thanks Sunita for your lovely comments and support.
I very much enjoy doing the assignments and find it satisfying to complete them.
I’m so glad that I have persevered and you are definitely the reason why I continue. Thanks so much for not giving up on me.

Kate Guttery