In your own home!


This patternmaking course is designed to uncover your inner creativity and give you step-by-step skills to draft and make unique garments in your own home. This course covers Skirts, Pants and the Fitted Bodice Block, all of which are available as separate modules, see below. The full course follows these modules in the stated order as this progression builds your skills.



Our  learning system has removed the classroom walls with structured learning projects and follow-up support. We provide full notes and prompt marking by qualified tutors. We supply telephonic and email support during the course.

The course in Patternmaking will take about 12-24 months to complete, depending on the time you have to commit to the course. We commit to provide feedback for 24 months.

  • You will receive step by step instructions give you the knowledge to make standard sized blocks and the knowledge to create for different sizes.
  • Our own fitted bodice block template, (included in the course) is the only tool designed with the NZ shape in mind.  This template caters for differing body shapes which are useful if you are a home dressmaker, fashion or costume designer. The bodice block gives you the basis for fitting all sorts of shapes and sizes.
  • Most sizing standards in the industry are based on bust measurement which is unreliable, as it is the chest measurement that characterises the build of the torso.
  • The patterns made with our template have a more accurate fit as the chest bust difference is taken into consideration and thus the variations in the bust measurements are accommodated.

Course outline


Thanks Sunita for your lovely comments and support.
I very much enjoy doing the assignments and find it satisfying to complete them.
I’m so glad that I have persevered and you are definitely the reason why I continue. Thanks so much for not giving up on me.

Kate Guttery